Prior Hours Verification Form

Hold up! Not only do you get to fill out this wonderfully fun form, but you first get to decide how you want to fill it out. Here are your options:

  1. Download the PDF, print it out, and complete by hand.
  2. Download the PDF, open it in your favorite app to fill out and submit either by printing or emailing.
  3. Complete the form below that upon clicking the button, will fill out the PDF and download it for you so you can print or email the form accordingly.

The choice is yours.

Employees qualify for university contributions after two years of 1,000 or more hours worked at W&L.

If you worked 1,000 or more hours for a college or university just prior to being employed by W&L, then we may count that toward the waiting period. If you worked 1,000 or more hours for a college or university in the 12 months prior to that, then we may count both years and you may be eligible for university contributions immediately.

We cannot tell from your c.v. if this applies to you. If you believe it does, please have your former employer(s) complete and return this form. If you return the form within 90 days and we determine your eligibility for university contributions upon employment, we will make a contribution retroactive to your first day of employment. If you return the form after 90 days, the university’s contributions will begin the 1st of the month following receipt of this form.

Fax to 540-458-8060 or email to Please call Kim Austin at 540-458-8921 if you have questions.