Law School Request for Accommodations of Disability

You have three options for completing this form:

  1. Download the PDF, print it out, and complete by hand.
  2. Download the PDF, open it in your favorite app to fill out and submit either by printing or emailing.
  3. Complete the form below that upon clicking the button, will fill out the PDF and download it for you so you can print or email the form accordingly.

Past Accommodations Granted

I authorize and request the Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs to consider this request for accommodations and copies of all documentation provided in connection with this request and, only as he/she deems necessary for the evaluation and/or implementation of my eligibility/accommodation, to consult with other educational, medical, or psychological professionals, disclosing such information as he/she deems relevant for consultation. I consent to the Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs discussing this request and all evaluations and assessments pertinent to my disability with any diagnosing/evaluating professionals.

NOTE: This request cannot be acted upon until you provide sufficient documentation of disability and need for accommodation as required by the Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs and Law School guidelines. Students need to submit an initial request for accommodations, or a request for modified/additional accommodations, at the start of the academic year. Students do not need to resubmit a request for previously granted accommodations each academic year, unless the Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs determines otherwise. This request and all supporting documents should be delivered or mailed to the Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs, Washington and Lee University School of Law, Sydney Lewis Hall 528, Lexington, VA 24450.